happiness is...

happiness is...
kenya 2010

Friday, June 15, 2012

pics of the peeps

i thought i would include a blog featuring the people i was blessed enough to encounter on my trip to nepal. this is in no way an exhaustive visual list...just a cross-section of humanity half a world away- in no particular order. enjoy!
pemba- my trekking guide. yes- the one that that got us lost and instead of taking me to a village for lunch, wandered onto a commando army camp in the heart of the jungle...much to their irritation

kripa- a super sweet and very compassionate nepali nurse. and short don't forget short!

the rickshaw driver

flora helping me buy my sister's bday present

marcy and "mim"

ona and jeremy

me and ruth- of cooking fame :)

 doug and a very special patient

more twins!!!  



  1. Beautiful photos. I am loving your blog and am so excited when you have a new entry...

    1. it is a really beautiful country...of course, like any developing country, you have to look beyond the trash and the poverty sometimes in order to see it. i am glad you're enjoying the blog as much as i am enjoying posting it. :)