happiness is...

happiness is...
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

grace for space

well, it is officially here- the time when i go from being an independent woman- living on my own and doing what i want, when i want-to being a roommate. oh yike.

i don't play well with others. i have never been married, and barring a stint over 20 years ago when i lived with a boyfriend, i have mostly lived alone. i have a small house that has only my things in it. it is quiet when i want it to be quiet. it is dirty when i don't mind it being dirty. it is clean and neat when i need some "zen". the toaster is exactly where i want it (under the counter in a cupboard), as is the TV (i don't have one). that is all about to change. to be more exact, life as i have known it for the last 20ish years is about to change. that became evident this week as i was cooking eggs naked except for the post-shower towel on my head. i am sorry for that visual- but it was necessary to make a point. the point is, unless i want to scar my new roommate for eternity, i need to stop cooking eggs while turban-naked. i need to stop doing a lot of things that have become my hermit norm.

don't get me wrong- getting a roommate is a good thing. i am beyond grateful for this opportunity. god sent yvonne my way as a means to help save money for my upcoming mission work in nepal, and to provide someone to live in and take care of my house while i'm gone- still leaving me with a place to come home to...a home base, if you will. she was an answer to prayers and i am thrilled about the journey that we're about to embark on together. i am less thrilled with trying to cram her king sized bedroom set into my twin sized spare room, and not being able to pee the very second that i want to, if she's already in the bathroom. see? we have some compromise in our future.

did i mention i don't play well with others? prayers for grace- and thanksgiving for the opportunity to grow and get outside my comfort zone. that is always a good thing, no matter how painful. i am sure i will get used to cooking with clothes on, too. i'll let you know.


  1. You have male fans who would not mind at all seeing you cooking in the altogether. Just sayin' . .

  2. If you're a Seinfeld fan, you might remember "good naked" and "bad naked". I'm thinking cooking might fall into the "bad naked" category. But thanks for the vote of confidence! Hahahaha.