happiness is...

happiness is...
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Friday, April 6, 2012

self esteem- on sale now at home depot's lawn and garden section

i needed that.

i have been feeling less than attractive lately. maybe it's the handful of winter insulation pounds that i put on (and didn't need at all this year), or maybe it is the fact that i have a knee that's acting up and keeping me from exercising like i usually do. maybe it's even the "mission haircut" that i got 3 weeks ago, which doesn't require a blow dryer, straightening iron, or anything electric to pull off. it's cute, granted, but probably less "sexy" than my previous hairstyles. i'm still wrestling with that and the vanity/pride issues tied to it. regardless of the exact cause, the fact is that i have been feeling frumpy and blob-ish. home depot changed that.

i should say that a rather short, middle aged, average looking guy at home depot changed that. i was strolling through the lawn and garden section, browsing the lawn seed and starter bags. this guy darted in front of my cart. in all fairness, he started it. he said, "usually people wait until they get to know me before they try to run me over." never one to let witty banter pass, i fired back with, "yes, but i am a really good judge of character." then i breezed past into the weed barrier and flowerbed edging aisle. there he was again...with another snappy comment and a lingering smile. once again i shot back with something silly. then breeeeeeeeeeeeeezed over to the mulch aisle. he wheeled past me two or three times with no obvious destination in mind, zigzagging around and never taking his eyes off of me. finally he came over and said, "this may be completely inappropriate, but i have to say it. you are a very attractive, highly distracting woman." then, after a smile and a wink he said, "i think you know it!" well, sir, maybe now i do.

thanks! i. needed. that.


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