happiness is...

happiness is...
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

day 2- still kicking!

i am in the middle of completing day 2 of my 14 day nepali eating resolution/experiment. i had the full dal-bhat-tarkari for lunch, but tonight i am only having the dal and the bhat (extra points if you remember what those are). i am already craving variety.

there a couple of things to note...some surprising, some not. the least surprising thing was that i could smell the mexican buffet in the cafeteria before i got within 50 yards and 2 floors of it. that nearly killed me. you know me and my love of mexican food. i mean really??! having it during my experiment was just mean. the most surprising thing is that, though hungry, i have no real desire to eat. i am evidently a slave to my cravings (duh) and have a hard time mustering excitement to eat if i can't have what i want. lunch and dinner have both been delicious, yet i didn't really want to eat them....even while i was eating them. i did discover that rice is pretty good with salt and black pepper on it. i need to research the availability of black pepper in nepal. i may be packing it in.

there is one disturbing development that i hope is my imagination. i am beginning to smell like curry. i am pretty sure it's me, since i can smell it when it's nowhere around (sigh). i had a boyfriend that lived in an old apartment in inner city cleveland, and from the time you stepped foot in the stairwell, all you could smell was indian spices. every fiber of every rug, every molecule of paint on every wall, smelled like curry. i desperately don't want to smell like an inner city cleveland apartment...

...but i'll push on.

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