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happiness is...
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

i think i'll survive! 5 days to go.

i just finished up day 9 of my 14 day nepal style eating (tweaked from the "dal-bhat-tarkari" resolution i started the year with) and so far, so good. i have regained my will to eat and am actually enjoying it again. that said, i will admit that it was brutal to attend our girl's night get together on monday night at a local mexican restaurant and NOT HAVE A SINGLE CHIP!! if i had been thinking straight, i would have at least aten some salsa with a spoon! 

i am still being true to nepali eating by only using ingredients readily available there. i spoke with a friend who lives in dadeldhura. he gave me an "easily found or easily grown" list and i have been using that. i did have to reluctantly give up using red bell peppers (whimper) since they only grown green in rural nepal. it has been all vegetarian so far, but once i started getting creative i haven't minded. i had 6 meals of mjeddrah (see my last post for the recipe) and i still wasn't gagging, so i highly recommend it! haha.

my niece had a good idea- i will list the ingredients, and if you have a recipe that would fit into those parameters, send it to me and i'll post. either comment here, or send me an email. i would love to add a little more variety, especially when i venture that direction. then i can think of you every time i eat it. :) it has been a great "diet" too- i feel great, and the pounds are starting to melt off.

"found or grown" ingredients available in rural nepal:
greens (spinach, chard, lettuce)
green peppers
carrots (limited)
hot chile peppers
mango (seasonal)
watermelon (seasonal)
mushrooms (limited at special market)
milk (can make yogurt)
spices- curry, turmeric, cumin, coriander, salt, paprika, red pepper, ginger (not sure about others but my friend said spices are easy to find in kathmandu and i can stock up)

so- if you have a recipe or an idea to share or file away for future use, i'd love to hear it!

p.s. update on other resolutions thus far- i have faithfully done the "no lights night" once a week since the first of january, and my house continues to be a chilly 64 degrees or below. well, it is 64 by the thermostat. somehow, it seems to be MUCH colder in the rest of the house! so far, so good. i hope your 2012 is going well.  :0)


  1. A breakfast scramble that includes eggs, spinach, onions and tomatoes.

    cucumber, onion, tomato, salad


  2. yogurt? Consider making your own goat cheese? Cooking conditions?

  3. cauliflower is in the cabbage family -- cabbage? broccoli (also in the cabbage family)? Can we send you seeds so you can plant your own little garden? We'll send soy sauce -- fried rice anyone?
    Fruit salad -- have a good recipe for lentil soup -- also cold watermelon soup ---
    mix your rice and lentils together -- season with curry or cumin, stuff your zucchini or your green peppers. Invest in a good vegetarian or vegan cookbook -- they are FILLED with recipes that include the above ingredients. Love, D

  4. sounds delicious! i will probably have access to at least the corner of one of the other missionaries' gardens- but i have no idea about restrictions regarding sending/planting non-native seeds. i'll have to find out. he didn't mention cabbage or broccoli being available so for the time-being i am not going to use them in the "experiment". :0)

    i will have to experiment with making yogurt and goat cheese before i go. there is no way i'm going to do without cheese. NO WAY!

    also- let's go on the assumption that there will be a stovetop at minimum, possibly an oven, and likely NOT slow cooker availability due to sketchy electricity. may be on a generator.

  5. HA! That list of food is basically what I eat all the time...minus any eggs or dairy. So, the soup I made last night could fit onto this list. It's soup time!
    Saute onions, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes (if available), garlic and zucchini in a big soup pot with water. (I use no oil when I cook.) Once that stuff gets a bit tender, add a whole bunch of water and tomatoes. (I use canned tomatoes, but I'm sure you could just peel your tomatoes and add them.) Then I add a bit of salt, pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, cumin, and get that up to a boil. Simmer for at least 30 minutes to get all the goodies to come together in a lovely tasting soup. Once this is done, I pour it over a big bowl of brown rice and dig in! High carb, low fat, low protein, vegan soup will warm your soul!

    -Josh Atkinson

  6. thanks josh! that sounds yummy. i will try it as soon as i make it to the store to stock up on veggies- i don't have a zucchini, but i think i have the rest (including a small chunk of sweet potato) in the fridge. can't wait. :0)